Presentations from Prior Programs

Occasionally, our presenters will make their presentations available to us to include on the web site.

This is a set of links to those presentations, in order to have them all available from one location.

As we collect additional programs, they will be linked here, with newer ones to the top.

Please note many of these presentations contain large graphic elements, so may take some time to load.

Prospecting In Paris by Michael Pabst (February 2017)

Copper Silicates of Arizona by Michael Pabst (September 2016)

Club Picnic Member Recipes:
Pat Summit’s Corn Casserole

Rock Tumbling: Good/Fast/Cheap - Pick Any Two by Jack Glenn (May 2016)

Advances in Mineral Photography by Michael Pabst (January 2016)

Symposium on the Dixie Mine by Michael Pabst (October 2015)

Mother Nature's Watercolors - Deer Sky Jasper and other Picture Jaspers of Eastern Oregon by Jack Glenn (October 2014)