Past Field Trip Details - Vulcan Aggregate Quarry

Official Field Trip Notice of the Shenandoah Valley Gem and Mineral Society

Great chance to collect at a real quarry!

This is an Official Fieldtrip of The Shenandoah Valley Gem and Mineral Society by invitation of The Northern VA Club.

The Vulcan Manassas Quarry is probably the largest quarry that we will ever be able to enter.

I have collected there several times and have brought home some very nice specimens.

See the attachment for the details.

Carpooling is very much encouraged.

I can meet members at the Waynesboro park-and-ride if you want a ride.

Please let me know before Dec.12 to be put on the list.

I will also have a sign up sheet at Rowe's on Monday.

Dean Hostetter
Trip Coordinator

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Northern Virginia Mineral Club

Official Collecting Trip Announcement

Vulcan Manassas Aggregate Quarry, Manassas, VA

and Ice Follies! (Weather Permitting)
December 15th, 2012, 7:00 am to Noon-esque (Subject to the whim of Winter)

Here is your basic bonafide trip announcement from me, your trusty and fiduciary trip coordinator, to you. At 7:00 am sharp on December 15th, 2012 (meeting at the Mine Office) we, the freezing populace, will meet at the mine office parking lot.

For those of you unfamiliar with said quarry it is a great big empty. Half a mile across, 500 feet deep and essentially right next to the Manassas mall. The Statue of Liberty would feel small were it at the bottom. Of course, that would be an odd place to put a statue, unless it were to protect it from high winds. Those would be some serious winds. What would cause such winds, I wonder... That's it! The Mayan predicted apocalypse! So, we should hurry to see the Statue of Liberty in the bottom of a quarry before it's too late! Thus...

Northern Virginia Mineral Club

Official Collecting and Subterranean Statue Viewing Trip Announcement

Vulcan Manassas Aggregate Quarry, Manassas, VA

It may be too cold (or windy) for this trip to work out so it may not come off and thus be canceled. In doubt? Contact me no later than 9 pm the day before. (If you call after 10 pm and before 9 am you WILL get a lesson in the dark side of the English language.) 703.754.2050 or, preferably,

Minerals Available (at Vulcan):

Actinolite, var: Byssolite, Aegirine, Alright?, 'Apatite', 'Apophyllite', Aragonite, Babingtonite, Building Site, Biotite, Bornite, Calcite, 'Chabazite', Chalcopyrite, City of Light, Clinozoisite, Coffeanddanishite, Cristobalite, Datolite, 'Feldspar Group', Galena, Greenockite, Grossular, Gyrolite, Hematite, var: Specularite, 'Heulandite', Ilmenite, Insect Bite, Laumontite, Leafblight, Low Level Flight, Malachite, Muscovite, Natrolite, Nojokesthistime-ite, Opal, Orthoclase, Outright, Pectolite, Peep Sight, Prehnite, 'Proxy Fight". 'Pumpellyite', Quartz, Rutile, Scheelite, Scolecite, Second Sight, Silver, Sphalerite, 'Stilbite', Thaumasite, Titanite, Topaz, 'Tourmaline', Twelfth Night, Zircon

Who is Invited:

Any and all members in good standing of any eastern federation affiliated club. Roanoke Club members also welcome. All humans under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (so, not you, Casper) . Non-human higher primates also welcome. But, only if they share my political views.

If you are not a member you may go to our website, www.novamineralclub.orgHYPERLINK HYPERLINK """ """HYPERLINK "" , print off the membership form, fill it out and show up at the trip meeting with that and the appropriate of membership dues. Cheap at twice the price. You'll be good to go.
Be reminded that the trip coordinator is generally due the deference normally accorded to an Ottoman Plutocrat. Full bowing and dipping of fezes. Fezzi? Fezzes?
Genuflecting is optional though greatly encouraged. And no ring kissing this time. Frankly, I think that's just weird.

Directions (to Vulcan):

From Interstate 66 & Virginia 234 (bypass, not business. The bypass is 3 to 4 miles west of the business exits.)
1. Head west on Exit 44 0.9 mi
2. Merge onto Prince William Pkwy/VA-234 S 2.7 mi
3. Turn left at Wellington Rd 0.5 mi
4. Turn left at Vulcan Ln
The destination will be on the right just passed the gate 0.1 mi
8537 Vulcan Lane, Manassas, VA 20109

What you MUST Bring:

Steel-toed Boots - appropriate, explicitly called for and compulsory: Though your toes are likely aberrant, abnormal or even astonishing, it is likely that you're attached to them.
Safety Helmet - demanded, essential and imperative: The contents of your head may well be bizarre, eccentric or just peculiar, but without them you're just not you.
Safety Gogles - indispensable, mandatory and obligatory: Eyes have been called "windows on the soul". While this may tend to violate your personal privacy it's probable that you still crave, fancy and/or yearn to retain them.
Heavy Work Gloves - Prerequisite, unavoidable and vital: Objectively, fingers can easily be seen as anomalous, curious and, yes, even deviate appendages. This, however, does not detract from their inherent power as fashion statements.

What you Probably Should, if you think about it, Bring:

Tools - a goodly idea. Rock Chisels, Small Rock Hammers, Large Sledge Hammers, Geologists Picks, Pry Bars and Sticky Wickets. No "Claw" or "Carpenters" hammers as the often explode on impact, really and actually. Not fun. Tools suitable for the delicate art of rock smashing are normally made of soft steel, not tool grade hardened steel.
Specimen Protection - Heavy Plastic Containers (for gargantuan, monstrous and otherwise voluminous specimens), Egg Cartons (for diminutive, tiny and wee specimens).
Other Useful Stuff - First Aid Kits, Snacks, Water, Plastic Sheeting (to protect the interior of your car) and glass beads to trade with the mole people. They also take Visa, MasterCard and Amex, but not Discover - as that upsets them to the point of insurrection.
Clothes - This means you, Deepak.

Special Note:

Due to the current economic situation, little blasting has been done at the quarry recently. Therefor, pickins may be slim. See? Full disclosure.


Due to the vagaries of weather, politics and my personal whims, the event may be canceled at any moment. If there is any question as to whether the trip will come off or if you simply want to go on the trip contact me at or 703.754.2050 or 571.344.4958 and enjoy my humorous/deeply annoying answering machine message.