Semi-Regular Club Auctions

Every so often, as an accumulation of materials and donations arise, the club will have an auction for the benefit of the club’s treasury and projects. The advent of these auctions will be announced in the club meeting notices.

Our June meeting program (Monday, 6/9/14, 7:30 pm) was an auction of rocks and minerals from the Palmer collection donated to the club by the Palmer family - you may have seen some of this material stored in the club rock shop.

Scott Gregory was our auctioneer and a great time was had by all - and several rock collections grew a bit that evening ;-)

Members & guests brought their cash and checkbooks and bid early and often to see if some of these stones were destined to be in their collections. Proceeds benefited the club's treasury and operations.

All materials were identified per our collective best effort (many times this will amount to “This is a box of rocks”), were sold as-is and payment was by cash or check.

For some ‘action pics’ of the June 2014 auction, visit

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