February 2015 Program

“The Yellowstone Region - Too much Geology” presented by Tom Tucker.

A very informative program was presented by Tom Tucker, native Virginian, who lived 25 years in Billings, Montana, working as a petroleum exploration geologist, and coal mine "consultant".

Along the way his family owned and operated a log cabin tourist motel in Silver Gate, Montana - the most beautiful entrance-way, and the least visited part of Yellowstone Park.

Tom explained several of the geologic processes that formed Yellowstone and that are still working to contribute to the magnificence of our first National Park.

The presentation included many slide photos from the park’s formations, as well as some of the wildlife (that often visits his yard there!).

He described the HMD (Heart Mountain Detachment around 50 million years ago) as a transported chunk of earth 30 x 50 miles across that moved over 60 miles. Modern geologists are still debating the basis of the process.

He explained the creation of the caldera that forms the park, the ancient volcanoes that produced enormous explosions, and the thermal activity that makes the park famous (geysers, hot springs, mud pots, and pristine lakes).

Tom showed pictures of many of the rocks located there – rhyolite, gypsum evaporates, obsidian, zircons, and travertine. At the conclusion, we all felt like we’d actually been there, and had a detailed geology lesson!!! Thanks, Tom!

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