March 2014 Program

Leo Cloutier: Presented an overview of the article in Rock and Gem Magazine on how to display mineral specimens on various stands. Also, highlighted a new book on Agates and Jaspers.

Jack Glenn: “Adventures in On-line Rock Hounding”. There are many “rockhounding” possibilities with eBay and other on-line sources. Jack displayed numerous mineral specimens he had purchased, highlighting the potential pitfalls and benefits of a successful purchase. Numerous areas to explore are listed on the Club's website in the Links and Resources page. Download his
presentation notes and handouts about online rockhounding sources and stabilizing stones by clicking on the embedded links.

Bob Helt: Discussed collecting shale concretions in Highland County (see attached) and trilobites in Bath County. Download his program notes as a PDF file
here. A comprehensive document regarding the shale formations can be found at this link