May 2017 Program Information

May 2017 Program

Mike presented a very interesting DVD of a mineral symposium about the closed zinc mine in Elmwood, TN.

The geology of this area in TN is very similar to the area in KY where we went on our trip.

The host on the DVD was Dr. Steve Neely, who has quite a variety of samples from the mine that he has collected over the years.

He presented stunning photographs of some of the largest calcite, fluorite, sphalerite, and barite combo samples that have ever been collected in the US.

Some of the samples are on display in museums in Houston, Dallas, and other sites around the world.

There was a 39” calcite cluster of pure translucent orange calcite with 6” individual crystals and a 9” Cumberland calcite that was an orange double point.

There were many “oohs” and “aahs” during the presentation.

The grand finale though, was when Wayne brought in his personal sample of a calcite/fluorite matrix that he managed to acquire from someone from the mine.

It was brilliant! (and Brenda said no gifts for him for the next few years!)

Some of these samples can be seen on
this site

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