May 2015 Program Information

May 2015 Program

Tony Nikischer presented a wonderful program on “Minerals from Kola, Russia

He talked about the mining industry there, and showed some beautiful photographs of the region and many minerals from the area.

We learned the area is desolate, except for the mines and the mining towns. The area is south of the Barents Sea, near Finland.

We visited the areas of Khibiny, Lovozero, Kovdor, and Afrikanda. Some of the minerals mined there are apatite, amazonite, iron, phlogopite mica, as well as minerals like labuntsovite and loparite found in syenite rock.

He told us that the mines have a great relationship with Moscow State University, and that mining will sometimes be halted so an expert, such as
Dr. Igor V. Pekov can visit the area, and identify the minerals.

Dr. Pekov (48) is a senior researcher and chair of mineralogy, who has already identified 65 new minerals.

Tony welcomed everyone to visit his shop in Charlottesville.
The address is:

1885 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville VA
(Rt 29 and Woodbrook)
Tel: 434-964-0875

He has an astonishing variety of minerals, rare and common, for sale.

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