MicroMinerals Picture Gallery

  • Microminerals from Virginia

    Epidote and Stilbite - Calcium Aluminum Iron Silicate & Sodium Calcium Aluminum Silicate
    Cedar Mountain Stone Corporation Quarry, Mitchell, Culpeper Co., VA
    [Field of view = 8 mm]

  • Microminerals from Virginia

    Kyanite - Aluminum Phosphate
    Baker Mountain Mine, Madisonville, Farmville District, Prince Edward Co., VA
    [Field of view = 5 mm]

  • Microminerals from Virginia

    Stellerite - Calcium Aluminum Silicate
    Vulcan Materials Company Crushed Stone Quarry, Manassas, Prince William Co., VA
    [Field of view = 10 mm]

  • Microminerals from Virginia

    Turquoise - Copper Aluminum Phosphate
    Bishop Mine, Lynch Station, Campbell Co., VA
    [Field of view = 1 mm]

  • Cuprosklodowskite - Copper Uranium Silicate
    Appears as balls of green micro crystals.
    From Musonoi, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo.
    [Field of view = 5 mm]

  • Fourmarierite - Lead Uranium Oxide - red-orange
    Becquerelite - Calcium Uranium Oxide - orange prismsI
    Uranophane - Calcium Uranium Silicate - yellow sprays
    Uraninite - black/not visible
    Locality is Shinkolobwe, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo
    [Field of view = 8 mm]

  • Fourmarierite, a lead uranium oxide, from the closed uranium mine at Shinkolobwe, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo. This crystal, which is about 1 mm wide, is remarkable because it shows a complete pseudo-hexagonal crystal form (it's actually orthorhombic). The Fourmarierite sits in a nest of other uranium secondary minerals including Becquerelite, Uranophane, and Studtite. [Field of view = 2.5 mm]

  • Sklodowskite, a magnesium uranium silicate, appears as a yellow spray on colorless gypsum. From Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico. [Field of view = 10 mm]

  • Torbernite (copper uranium phosphate - green prisms), Kasolite (lead uranium silicate - yellow blades), Wulfenite (lead molybdate - red-orange prisms), and Malachite (copper carbonate - green sprays). From Musonoi, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo. [Field of view = 4 mm]

  • Dioptase - The copper silicate dioptase is from the Christmas Mine in Arizona
    [Actual size = 5 mm across]

  • Microminerals from West Virginia

    Pyrite - The brassy L-shaped crystal is pyrite from Sugar Grove, West Virginia
    [Actual size = 1 mm tall]

  • Pyrargyrite - The silver mineral pyrargyrite is from the Nabob Mine in Colorado
    [Actual size = 1 mm tall]

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