February 2013 Program

Presented by Club Member Bob Helt with commentary by Sharon Helt.

Bob and Sharon drove to Alaska (27 days) to meet up with their son Matthew who was working at Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve and then travel around Alaska for 10 days.

Along the way they met several interesting characters, visited unique and out of the way locations, observed salmon fishing, dodged wildlife along the many open and treacherous roads, and most importantly collected rocks, panned for gold and listed to numerous gold related stories.

Rock collecting sites included: the world famous Kennicott Copper mine, gold panning in the Yukon and Alaska, and jade collecting in British Columbia. They visited numerous mining sites and looked though large tailing piles.

How to tell an Alaskan: “they carry at least one weapon, have a broken windshield and are accompanied by two dogs”.