September 2016 Program Information

September 2016 Program

Mike Pabst wowed us again with his expertise on photographing micros. He presented “Copper Silicates of Arizona” in living color.

He included information and some photos from an article he did for a “Mineral News” publication. This magazine is published by Tony Nikischer of Excalibur Minerals in Charlottesville, and is $30 annually.

Most of the minerals he showed were from the New Cornelia, Mammoth-St. Anthony, and Christmas mines.

Mike had listings of the minerals by name and chemical composition. Amazing what copper can do to a crystal form and color.

The photos were of minerals in size from 0.6 mm to over 24 mm, and showed amazing detail and depth.

We were treated to photos of ruizite, ajoite, apachite, kinoite, and gilalite. Lovely!! Thank you Mike for sharing your talent with us!

A copy of the slides Mike presented can be downloaded
here - be aware that even though this is a compressed version of the slides, it is still a large file!

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