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February 2018 Program

The program was composed of three different activities - the logistics to avoid complete pandemonium were planned carefully and proved successful for the most part.

For the first activity, members had fun swapping and selling/buying their personal treasures. THANK YOU to everyone who brought items and donated money to the club.

The second activity was the silent auction. Approximately 50 iItems from our lapidary shop ‘collection’ and items from members’ donations were generously bid on.

As the end time neared, it was “no holds barred” and there was a lot of “friendly competition” going on (especially for the coveted 50+ pound chunk of franklinite that had an eerie green glow under the UV light!!)

THANK YOU to Jack Glenn, Cindy Schoer, and Scott Gregory for all the labels, setting up and collecting money for this. The money will be used to improve our lapidary shop.

The final activity involved a tremendous effort on the part of our field trip coordinator, Wayne Peterson. Wayne traveled to Raphine, VA in December to load over 1000 pounds of rocks onto his sagging pick-up truck.

Pasted Graphic
[Not really Wayne’s truck]

These rocks/minerals were a generous donation from the Drawbond/Gearhart family. Wayne had to brace his truck in the garage for over 2 months (as our meeting was canceled in January), then box them up for us.

Thanks to all the members who helped him unload. Each family received a box of rocks to take home to sort through - best cold weather “field trip” EVER!!. THANK YOU, Wayne!!

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