November 2014 Program

“COAL – MINES & MYTHS” presented by Club member, Deborah Grimm.

Deborah presented details from her behind-the-scenes tour of several mines in southwest Virginia (coal class offered to Virginia educators).

Everything you need to know about coal from mining to processing to potential uses; highlighted by great first hand photos and coal samples.

Some little known facts:
(1) All Coal in VA is bituminous.
(2) Mining can run 24 hours per day.
(3) Each large dump truck costs $1M.
(4) Coal takes 300 M years to form and started before the dinosaurs.
(5) 39% of electricity comes from coal in the US.
(6) Sorry, but you can’t find diamonds in coal.

Coal is washed and tested for carbon, sulfur and iron and processed/sold according to content.

Virginia has the cleanest coal processing plant in the US with 0% percent mercury emission.

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