Reasons to Join the SVGMS

Access to experience & information

Our members have been acquainting themselves with all aspects of Virginia rocks and minerals for years (or in some cases decades!). Prospective and new members are encouraged to bring their questions and curiosity to our meetings and in turn share their experiences and enthusiasms.

Access to Rock Shop & mentoring from expert lapidarists

As described elsewhere on the site, the club maintains a well-equipped lapidary shop for members to use to transform their favorite rocks into polished specimens, slabs, or cabochons ready to become jewelry or works of art. This is the perfect way to discover if you want to become engaged in this fascinating pastime under the guidance of our experienced lapidarists.

Access to field trips

Several times a year, the club goes where the rocks are; sites that may be off-limits to collectors otherwise. Going forth to find the rocks in their native setting brings an additional level of understanding to the enthusiast, and contributions from other members on the trip will increase your enlightenment overall. Pictures of some of our previous field trips are here.

Access to like-minded folks

Part of the fun of a hobby is in the sharing of it with others. In the SVGMS, you can be assured that you will be in the company of kindred people who have the same curiosity and enthusiasm about rocks as you do.

Access to an audience

Members are entitled to display their rock or mineral collections at our annual club show for the hundreds of attendees to enjoy.

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