November 2016 Program Information

November 2016 Program

Our field trip coordinator, Wayne Peterson, gave us the scoop on field trips. He had lots of advice and spoke from years of experience.

He told us to “know before you go” – do some
research about the area as well as what specimens can be collected.

Micros are hard to see in the field, but are amazing under the microscope once they are collected and observed.

Study the
weather, the type of terrain, availability of food, water, bathrooms, etc before leaving.

Second, “prepare!” – know what equipment you’ll need – different sites need different items:
• Buckets
A cart
• Shovel
Treasure scoop
• Waders
• Cloth bags
• Paper for wrapping
• Certified hard hat
• Steel-toed boots
• Rope
• Protective glasses
• Mosquito spray
• Wheel chocks
• Etc.

Be sure you have PERMISSION to collect – most commercial sites have very strict rules, and you may have to sign a safety agreement before even entering the site.

Last, be sure to “communicate” with the field trip advisor. Wayne spends many hours preparing for the trips and one person can ruin future trips by not knowing what to do.

Thanks, Wayne for all the advice and planning.

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