SVGMS Logo Apparel

Your choice - shirts, tees, jackets, & other items embroidered with the SVGMS logo

We have arranged with Lands’ End Business Outfitters a design that can be used by any club member as an embroidered logo on a vast number of items from their catalog of apparel and other products.

You get to select the style, color, size, material and type of garment you prefer, and adapt some aspects of the logo to work well with your chosen garment color.

The basic process is:
  1. Visit
  2. Create an account & sign up for their email deals
  3. Select an item you want to have embroidered with our logo
  4. Reference logo ID # 1356123 in your order
  5. They will make various adjustments of the thread color of the text for legibility on different fabric colors; make mention of this in the special instructions area of the order

An extensive set of instructions is available
here and can be downloaded or printed.
Orders can also be placed via telephone at 1-800-587-1541 or you can request a catalog
here or by phone. The logo ID # above is the only piece of information needed to arrange the correct logo.

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Samples of the logo on various backgrounds
PDF of expanded ordering instructions