August 2016 Program Information

August 2016 Program

Jack Glenn gave some valuable and useful information about our website. (He spends many volunteer hours making ours the best on the East Coast!! Thank you, Jack.)

Jack displayed each of the areas that are on the website, and gave more details about each.

He showed us how to
navigate through each item.

The “
on-line resources” button is great to find links for information about specific minerals, locations, and where to do some collecting.

Jack, as the administrator of the website, can see how many “hits” our site is receiving, and how many users go to more than one page of our site.

Members can “email the webwrangler” to send information about new discoveries in the mineral world, photos of collections and/or collecting trips, and “rocks in the news”.

This is our website, so we want to make it educational, interesting, and fun!

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This is the original SVGMS web site’s home page picture!

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