March 2013 Program

PROGRAM Topic: “Faceting, everything you wanted to know” presented by Kelly Lane.

Kelly started with an old Mark One used machine. He wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to facet but soon learned through trial and lots of error. He overcame many problems to obtain the correct facet angle using a variety of stones, real and synthetic.

The first stone he cut he had estimated it would take 5 hours, it took 20. Today Kelly has honed his skill and has made numerous beautiful gems for sale and personal use such as pendents for his wife Alice.

Some lessons learned include:

- Be careful as stress fractures may occur.

- Be careful not to over-cut the adjoining facet.

- Need lots to light to see your work

- 29-30 degrees will give you the most luster

- A lot of it is just learning the touch.