January 2016 Program Information

January 2016 Program

Mike Pabst presented a wonderful educational program on photographing micro-minerals.

He had a slide presentation to show the equipment he uses, and photos to show the results using various methods of “shooting”.

There are both many types of hardware that can be used, as well as software programs that provide minute details of the minerals.

Examples of hardware items he discussed were – stereo microscopes, Mitutoyo infinite focus lens, telephoto lens, bellows, Luminar lens, microscopes, and LED & halogen lights.

He used photographs to show “stacking” to get a 3D effect, as well as photos at various magnifications and FOVs (field of view).

Mike has been “shooting” minerals for many years, and his expertise was quite apparent!

For those who were unable to attend the meeting, Michael has been gracious enough to provide us with a copy of his presentation, including some stunning specimen photos. This can be accessed from
this link. It is a 5 MB PDF file, so please be patient when accessing it.

Pasted Graphic 1
[Uvarovite-Chromium Clinochlore, FOV 1.2 mm; Michael Pabst]

Thanks, Mike!

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