Burnsville, VA Field Trip Report

On July 15, SVGMS hosted a special "backyard" Field Trip to Burnsville, VA

This was an unusual opportunity for rock hounds and lapidary enthusiasts to find and purchase mineral specimens and cabbing rough from all over the world.

The owner/importer did not disappoint; there were more minerals, specimens, crystals, and lapidary rough than was originally listed in the Field Trip description.

The prices were also dropped again, then again there were many people who cashed out.

From the comments I received everyone seemed very pleased. Many people came and stayed the whole day.

It took on average six hours to sift through all the material. This may have been the encore to the Kentucky trip in April.

There were approximately 30-40 associated club members from MD, KY, VA, TN, WV, and PA.

It took some dedication to make the long trip to get there, but those that did were rewarded.

It was a GOOD day if you were a rock hound. The weather also cooperated wonderfully - sunny, slightly cool in the mountains, light breeze.

Wayne Peterson
Field Trip Coordinator