Sample Logo Images

Alternative thread colors for the text displayed on various colors of fabric

When you place an order, you can request that they use an alternate color thread for the text portion of the logo to make sure it is legible against the shirt color you choose.

SVGMS Shirt Logo-White-320x240 SVGMS Shirt Logo-Jonquil-320x240
White background/Blue lettering (default) - Jonquil background/Blue lettering (default)

SVGMS Shirt Logo-Lt Blue-320x240 SVGMS Shirt Logo-Red-320x240
Lt Blue background/Blue lettering (default) - Red background/Blue lettering (default)

SVGMS Shirt Logo-Navy2-320x240 SVGMS Shirt Logo-Navy-320x240
Navy background/Blue lettering (default) - Navy background/White lettering (special request)

Note - this is only a small sample of the shirt colors available from the vendor - please see their web site or catalog for the entire selection.