• Example: Avid J. Rockhound

  • Please provide an email address so we can send you a reminder. Example: yourname@domain.com

  • Note: July is the club's picnic and December is the club's Christmas Dinner, so no refreshments are needed for those months.

  • Examples: Brownies / Cookies / Lemon Bars

  • Some sort of dessert or hors d'ouvre/snack + some beverages are suggested. If you like, you can include your recipe here and we will put it in the next meeting minutes!
  • I can only do the month indicated at this time I can do another month; please let me know which ones are in need of goodies!
    The club's SnackMaster will acknowledge your volunteering or let you know if the month you've selected is already spoken for and suggest an alternative, if needed.

  • You will receive a sent message receipt to the email address you provided above.